Monday, 2 May 2022

Finland - Kesäaamu (Summer morning)

Kurittula school is very happy to represent Finland in the 2022 contest! This year we were going to prepare something easy and simple. We intended to focus on children’s beautiful singing and introducing the stunning nature of Finland. Our song tells about summer morning. The children are singing beautifully, but the spring has been very late. That´s why we couldn´t make the video as we had planned. It was snowing day after day and the weather stayed cold. This spring has taught us that you can´t prepare for everything that might come your way. Our worries about prolonged winter are, however, outweighed by our concern about what has happened and what is still happening in Europe. Let´s take care of each other and let the music bring joy to all of us!

Lyrics Riikka Railoma

Composition Kirsimari Pohjanheimo

Starring the Rhythm club members

Adele, Aino, Amanda, Anastasia, Elma, Elsa, Erik, Helny, Hilla, Karola, 

Konsta, Loviisa, Lucille, Matilda, Minea, Ronja, Seela-Sofia & Sofia 

Direction, video and instruments 

teachers Kirsimari Pohjanheimo (ukulele, violin), Olli Mäkelä (cajon) 

Drone camera teacher Jari Syrjämäki

Assistants Marjut, Teija, Mari & Pauliina


English lyrics (Translation by Pauliina Kaksonen)

The summer morning is opening quietly, cautiously. 

Birdsong carries you until awakening. 

The summer morning makes you laugh in a tiny way. 

Morning joy starts a strawberry filled holiday!

:,: So, I set off towards the root of the wind, 

towards the big secret of cow parsley. :,: 

The summer morning is waving at a daisy, 

a swallow, a birch, the summer wanderer.

The summer morning lights up a spider web, 

trails in a pine forest, the dreamer’s route.

:,: So, I set off in the direction of the smell of a forest, 

the sway of a bellflower, the scurrying of ants. :,:


  1. Such lovely singing and smooth music! And what a creative and colourful video!
    I like your entry a lot.

  2. I like the landscape of your beautiful country.
    The song is good and the video is super!
    Luca from Austria :)

  3. Beautiful shadows!! Good job!!

  4. A wonderful and creative video with lovely singing too. They managed to teach us some words too! Good luck from Malta. :)

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  7. Finally, the comment that belongs in this spot ... I am very delighted (literally) by your video. I love the song, the voices and all your colourful accessories which make your video really special. Good luck from Switzerland!

  8. Greetings from Latvia! Good job.

  9. Polona, Slovenia5 May 2022 at 16:48

    Lovely song, beautiful and creative video! Good job!

  10. I really like your wings and the beautiful colours ... Lir from Switzerland

  11. You sing so beautifully in a nice setting ... Andrin from Switzerland

  12. Great audio, lovely setting and beautiful effects ... Ole from Switzerland

  13. The light effects fit your song perfectly ... Jonathan from Switzerland

  14. This is an ear worm ... Eliah from Switzerland

  15. The photos of the forest are amazing, the children are charming and their singing is beautiful and exciting. The sounds of nature are nice. Well done!

  16. Hi from Turkey
    I loved your music and ı loved your garden

  17. Hi from Turkey I'm Defne. I like your dance. Good luck:)

  18. Magnifico pieno di colori Matias italy

  19. this was really fantastic well done lien from belgium

  20. Hİ EVERYONE!!My name is Leyla. I am from Turkey. ypur clib is very beautiful. Good job.

  21. I love your shadow theatre. You sing very well.

    Good luck from Estonia

  22. Hello Finland,
    your song was sooooo cool. I could not stop watching it.
    Greetings from Camilla in Austria

  23. Really colourful, happy song and video. What lovely singing. Best of luck from Ireland

  24. Lisse from Belgium11 May 2022 at 14:34

    I realy like this video,it makes me happy! Good luck from Belgium

  25. Creative and lovely video. The pictures of your country are beautiful

  26. Very nice song ! Good luck from France !

  27. Mayflower Primary School12 May 2022 at 22:10

    Hello from England!
    What a wonderful song! I really love the stained glass effect you have created - I think we will have to try to recreate this at our school.
    Well done on a lovely entry.
    Good luck from all your friends at Mayflower Primary School.