Friday 13 May 2022

Friday 6 May 2022

Ireland - Dance Your Worries Away (A Wish for the World)

Having lived through a pandemic with school lockdowns, the children wanted to spread a positive message to the world. Their recipe for happiness is to enjoy the simple and important things in life such as having fun, spending time with friends and family, dancing and enjoying nature.
We recorded our song in November 2021 and since then the terrible conflict in Ukraine has occurred and we feel the message in our song is more important than ever.

Turkey - Fasa Fiso (Nonsense)

Hello All Dear Schoolovisioners!!!

We are very happy and excited to share our first song with you for the first time. 

You know, even today, it is obvious that there is an inequality between girls and boys. Equal rights and opportunities for girls and boys help all children fulfill their potential.

We especially have choosen the song in order to show that how FASA FİSO (NONSENSE) these prejudgements are, such as 'Boys can't do ........ or Girls can't do ........ etc.' Girls and boys have always been equal and they can do everything whatever they want to.

Let's break all the prejudgements and provide equality between two genders and sing this enjoyable and inspiring song FASA FİSOOOOO!!!

All our prayers are for Ukrainian people. We always support our great leader ATATÜRK's statement; 

Peace at home, peace in the world!!!


Girls can't nail, fasa fiso...

Boys can't cook, fasa fiso...

Girls can't play an instrument, fasa fiso...

Boys can't dance at all, fasa fiso....

O ooo o fasa fiso,

O ooo o fasa fiso,

O ooo o fasa fiso,


Girls can't laugh, fasa fiso...

Boys can't have long hair, fasa fiso....

Girls can't score a goal in a match, fasa fiso...

Boys can't cry at all, fasa fiso.. 

O ooo o fasa fiso,

O ooo o fasa fiso,

O ooo o fasa fiso,


Greece - To love (N agapas)

7th Primary School, Mitilini, Lesvos

To love, to forgive and to feel joy.... This is the meaning of life!
Good luck to everybody!

Serbia - Over the seven seas

Good evening my friends and colleagues from Serbia :) Finally after two years of break we are proud to be part of our Schoolovision community 2022.  We believe that every soul has its purpose and own way on Earth. We are ALL ONE but in the same time everyone is unique. Our wish for everyone to find its place and be happy with it, so the world will become a better place.

Students wrote the lyrics , all together and they really enjoyed.

Good luck to everyone ! :)

Belgium - Blij gevoel (Happy feeling)

Dear music lovers,
The 40 final year pupils of Qworzó - Merksplas - Belgium are very proud to present to you the Belgian entry for Schoolovision '22.

Our children were challenged to create their own song under the professional guidance of two professional musicians and 4 groups of children gave all they had to create 4 fantastic songs.

The pupils got the chance to vote for the songs they created and finally they wanted to make a music video for the song Blij gevoel (Happy feeling)

After two years of corona, our pupils wanted to create a happy song again and what brings more joy into life than celebrating a birthday?

Be our guest, turn up the volume and sing along!

Want to know the lyrics? Hit the translation button! ;-)


Iedereen is mijn vriend.
Everyone is my friend.

Je bent welkom op het feest!
You're welcome to the party!

Dans mee op de maat!
Dance along to the beat!

Het is nog nooit zo leuk geweest!
It's never been so much fun!

If you want to listen to the 3 other songs too, then please be our guest!


A big thank you to Door Raeymaekers and Thomas Meeuwis / Plantentuin Merksplas and

Looking forward to reading your comments!

Good luck to all in this contest!

Kind regards,

Team Belgium

Estonia - Uus mood (New Fashion)

This year we picked a song "Uus mood" (New Fashion) by Kustas Kikerpuu. We did it already in autumn knowing nothing about the changing world. But maybe it is good to stop for a moment and just dance and feel the freedom.

The boys are coming to the party holding drumsticks and wearing fashionable clothes. The girls are just giggling and looking at their long hair and trousers. 
Girls singing: You cannot walk me home like that. Take a mirror and look at yourself. If my mother sees you I cannot come to the party anymore. Now you follow me and bring me flowers, but look at your hair, it's not nice and fashionable. You should change it.

Special thanks to Kaspar Tambur, who helped us with the phonogram, Leon Tammel who recorded our song and Stanislav Denikin, who helped us with the video.

We hope for peace and Sláva Ukrayíni!

Croatia - Roker pravi

This year we'll present you a cheerful rock 'n roll song. The song is about a student who gets a cell phone as a gift for an excellent mark and how he was left without it when he received a bad mark. Cheerful singers and dancers are from second, third and fourth grade, and big musicians from eighth grade.

France - ensemble

Hello Schoolovisioners!
Here is the French entry for the 2022 Schoolovision song contest :)
We chose this song called "ensemble" because it is about all we can do when we do it together: how we can change life, change the world and make it better.
We hope you will like it!

Thursday 5 May 2022

Israel - Another Day Has Passed

The song was written by eight-year-old Ariel Oppenheimer, from a heart that mourns the death of her beloved aunt. The child deals with loss, grief and pain while facing challenges alongside optimism. The song is dedicated to all children and their loved ones.

Italy - Un paese bellissimo (a beautiful Country)

Hello everyone. Here is our entry. It is a simple song but full of hope because every child deserves a happy childhood. Enjoy our song and good luck everyone!

Bulgaria - Kite

This is our first participation with a song in Schoolovision.
The students in the class chose the song Kite, it is studied in music lessons. They wanted to prepare the video themselves and I agreed. Miroslava managed to arrange the video and Stefan, Elena and Nikola helped her. What could be better than having fun while creating? Considering the situation in Ukraine, with our song we express the message that all children's kites should be able to fly freely in the sky!

Lithuania - White lilies

White lilies have weaved under the windows

Two little children are standing under the whitest lilies

One child is white, another is green

Looking at each other they are asking the stars:

Who planted small potatoes?
Who sowed the lilies?
Who sowed the lakes?
Who lives behind the mountains?
Who lives in the sky?
Who lives under the ground?
Who lives in the stars?
Where are we going this evening?
Where are we going tomorrow?
Where will we be when we are old?
Where will we be in a hundred years?

Norway - Everyone deserves to be noticed

Everyone deserves to be noticed. This song is about just that; how important it is to really see the people around us. To look them in the eye, give them a smile and maybe ask them how they are or if they want to come and play. No one should feel invisible and it is everyone's responsibility to do something about that. And think that one person can make a whole lot of difference in someone's day - just by noticing them and saying hello!

We hope this song will inspire both children and grown-ups to be inclusive, warm and generous to the people around us.

Best of luck!

Malta - Music Never Dies (Mużika, Mużika Int Ma Tmut Qatt)

Since war started in Ukraine, we have never stopped thinking and praying for them every day. This is something so special about Schoolovision, because we have become one large family with all members loving and caring for one another. Stay safe Ukraine. We are with you always. Our song this year talks about music, a language which has no borders and which connects nations and people together. Music never, never dies. No matter how bad you feel, music is always the best medicine to make you feel happy again. Music is truly a bridge between heaven and earth and without it, life would B♭.

The Czech Republic - Volní jako ptáci

Free as birds
We composed our own song with the children /8 years old/ called Free as birds. It  is a fast, rhythmic, melodic song with European greetings. The song is about international friendship  and we can already practice normally in the our school after the pandemic. We feel also sad about the situation in Ukraine. A girl from Ukraine, who also sings in a video clip, goes to our class. Here are the lyrics:


Let's be glad we're together. Life flows up and down.

Ahoj, Hello, Privit, Hallo, Alo, Salut, Hei ,Ciao….

Refrén česky:

Buďme rádi, že jsme spolu, život plyne nahoru i dolů.

Ahoj, Hello, Privit, Hallo, Alo, Salut, Hei ,Ciao….

The author of the music:  Veronika Nováková.

Greetings from the Czech Republic

Wednesday 4 May 2022

Sweden - Fantasivärld (Fantasy world)

The song came about through a collaboration between two classes at the school. The students produced the text together where everyone got to be involved and decide.
The text is about a fantasy world, a world where everyone is allowed to participate and no one is left out. A thought that is very relevant precisely in view of what is happening in the world right now.

Music written by Sabrina Do Rosario Cristo.

Slovakia - Bugaboo (Strašidlo)

If you are also afraid of the bugaboos that lurk under your bed at night and don't let you fall asleep in peace, watch this video of our brave children who already know that bugaboos can be a lot of fun. However, don't watch telly or streams too much!


Dear friends, Schoolovision returns for yet another year and the students of CEIP Elvira Vaquero, from Valsequillo in Gran Canaria, are very excited to be able to represent Spain again, from the autonomous community of the Canary Islands, and we want to do so on this occasion singing to Europe how important happiness is and inviting them to discover our paradise.

This video that is presented has been made for Schoolovision 2022, in different corners of our island.
The students of primary of the CEIP Elvira Vaquero have been the true protagonists of this project from the first moment, they have chosen  the song to represent in this edition of the festival.

The boys and girls have wanted to make a small ensemble of three songs, combining the tradition of our islands, modern music and feelings of joy and happiness.

At the beginning of the video, we can hear sounds that transport us to the beautiful island, the sister island of La Palma, through the Danza de los Enanos. Then the boys and girls sing to the island where they live, "My paradise", to the identity of the Canary Islands and end up singing to Happiness.
With the first song that sounds, Danza de los Enanos, we wanted to pay a small tribute to our sister island of La Palma, the beautiful island, which has recently experienced a historic moment with the eruption of the volcano Cumbre Vieja, on September 19, 2021, and which in turn has left various collateral damage on the population of the island.
With the second song, "My paradise", we want to make known that we live in an archipelago, in the middle of the Atlantic, where the sun always rises and where people love each other, where you knock on the door and they open your heart, where the smell comes from the sea, surrounded by good people, beach, sun and good atmosphere and with this video we invite all the boys and girls of Europe to get to know our paradise. And to finish, we sing to a small and transparent thing, she is like a goddess, divine and capricious, but very necessary, something that sometimes costs us so much or we forget about her, that we have her very close, but sometimes we do not see her and that after the times lived, we have to shout to the world “yes to happiness!”. We end up singing to happiness and with that message, we want to offer all our encouragement and support to the country of Ukraine. Long live happiness, some have so much, so much that they have nothing, HAPPINESS!

England - Attention! Attention!

The children in Year 4 have written and recorded Mayflower's Schoolovision entry this year. We are a Rights Respecting School, and our song is about the importance of us all understanding the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
If you want to sing along with us - here are the lyrics:


Attention! Attention! (Children's rights!)
There's a children's convention (We got rights!)
United Nations compiled (Give us rights!)
It's for the rights of a child (We got rights!)

1. We deserve good information, Every child from every nation
Internet, radio and TV (Give information! Give information!)
Other sources that won't harm us, Give us light and not much darkness
So we can live happily

2. If I am a refugee, The government should rescue me
And take me to a safe place (Take me to a safe place! Take me to a safe place!)
Please be bright, give me the light, Give me protection day and night
And put a smile on my face


3. We have the right to a choice, Big or small have a voice
Grown up "Listen to US!" (Listen to us! Listen to us!)
Listen to us seriously, Boys and girls, you and me
Not everyone does


4. We have the right to good food, If it's boiled, baked or stewed
We need water to drink (Give us a drink, yeh! Give us a drink, yeh!)
Keep our teeth clean and white, Keep us healthy and bright
Information! We think

5. Governments should spread the word, So each person can be heard
And they should know children's rights (Gimme the rights!  Gimme the rights!)
Children, adults, they should listen, This convention it should glisten
And we should all see the light


6. We have the right to a school, So we can learn to be cool
And the school should be free! (School is free! School is free!)
Encouraging the highest grades, So new Professors can be made
So you'll be just like me!

**CHORUS** x2

Iceland - Kúst og fæjó

Greetings from Iceland!
Our song this year is about the importance of long-lasting friendship.
The singer is getting a visit from all of her old friends, and while cleaning and preparing she tells us about their precious friendship.
The performance is by an all-girls group in our 7th grade.

Tuesday 3 May 2022

Poland - Taki sen (Such a dream)

The song "Such a dream" is the result of 4 days hip-hop workshops in our school. More than 60 students took part in 3 activities such as: rap creating, beatbox and djing. Students writing lyrics wanted to say, they are against war in Ukraine and want to support their Ukrainian mates, we host in our school. 
(You can turn english subtitles on). 
You can also hear kind of trumpets and drums made by students using their mouth - beatbox. During workshops we learned as well how to to mix live music so oryginal soundtrack is also changed.
Few weeks before we had film and video making workshop. So we used the acquired skills makind this video. 
The result of film making workshops is film connected with Schoolovision project, you can watch it here:

Such a dream - the making of:

Monday 2 May 2022

Austria - Go Dolphins!

Dear friends,
also this year the "dolphin class" of the Primary- School Wildbach presents their song.
It is about the life of the dolphins - their good social behavior but also about the dangers they are exposed to. Let's treat our environment with care and protect our nature!


Who is that swimming in the water? Who jumps in the air?
Do you hear a splash somewhere - no fear and no fear!
We are the dolphins. We keep laughing.
Together - that's our magic word.


Go Dolphins! We stick together.
Go Dolphins! All our lives!
Go Dolphins! Is anyone in danger?
Go Dolphins! Will there be a lot of fins soon?
Remember one thing: we have fins, no hands, no foot.
And if we had tentacles then we were an octopus.
We face everyone bravely, killer whale and great white shark.
None of us swim alone, everyone is there.
Recently on the hunt for tuna did we find something?
A net hung deep in the water that keeps our friend captive.
He swam forward, he swam backward -  need filled his face.
We shed some tears but you can't see it in the water...
Go Dolphins!
We stand together here
Go Dolphins!
We all peer to peer
Go Dolphins!
If somebody’s afraid
Go Dolphins
There’s a flipper near to aid.

Finland - Kesäaamu (Summer morning)

Kurittula school is very happy to represent Finland in the 2022 contest! This year we were going to prepare something easy and simple. We intended to focus on children’s beautiful singing and introducing the stunning nature of Finland. Our song tells about summer morning. The children are singing beautifully, but the spring has been very late. That´s why we couldn´t make the video as we had planned. It was snowing day after day and the weather stayed cold. This spring has taught us that you can´t prepare for everything that might come your way. Our worries about prolonged winter are, however, outweighed by our concern about what has happened and what is still happening in Europe. Let´s take care of each other and let the music bring joy to all of us!

Lyrics Riikka Railoma

Composition Kirsimari Pohjanheimo

Starring the Rhythm club members

Adele, Aino, Amanda, Anastasia, Elma, Elsa, Erik, Helny, Hilla, Karola, 

Konsta, Loviisa, Lucille, Matilda, Minea, Ronja, Seela-Sofia & Sofia 

Direction, video and instruments 

teachers Kirsimari Pohjanheimo (ukulele, violin), Olli Mäkelä (cajon) 

Drone camera teacher Jari Syrjämäki

Assistants Marjut, Teija, Mari & Pauliina


English lyrics (Translation by Pauliina Kaksonen)

The summer morning is opening quietly, cautiously. 

Birdsong carries you until awakening. 

The summer morning makes you laugh in a tiny way. 

Morning joy starts a strawberry filled holiday!

:,: So, I set off towards the root of the wind, 

towards the big secret of cow parsley. :,: 

The summer morning is waving at a daisy, 

a swallow, a birch, the summer wanderer.

The summer morning lights up a spider web, 

trails in a pine forest, the dreamer’s route.

:,: So, I set off in the direction of the smell of a forest, 

the sway of a bellflower, the scurrying of ants. :,:

Ukraine - In the Meadow, a Red Kalyna

A terrible war came to our houses and our schools. We are studying remotely, many students have fled the country and there are a lot of refugees. Having had an online discussion with kids and their parents we agreed that our entry would be a tiny contribution to the victory of Ukraine.
It was difficult to gather together because of the frequent air raid sirens but due to a great unity of teachers, children and their parents it became possible to make up our clip, trying not to show the atrocities of war but friendly Ukrainians who live in peace with their neighbors, ready to defend their motherland.
We had been happy students and teachers before the 24th of February 2022. According to the statistics 773 schools and kindergartens in Ukraine have been damaged by shelling, 75 of which have been completely destroyed, 183 children were killed and 342 wounded, 30% of the students of our gymnasia fled Ukraine. Our school is lucky not to be bombarded but the war is not over yet. Let’s stop this war together!

In the meadow, a red kalyna
In the meadow, there a red kalyna, has bent down low,
For some reason, our glorious Ukraine, has been worried so.
And we'll take that red kalyna and we will raise it up,
And we, our glorious Ukraine, shall, hey - hey, cheer up - and rejoice!
Do not bend low, Oh, red kalyna, you have a white flower.
Do not worry, glorious Ukraine, you have a free people.
And we'll take that red kalyna and will raise it up,
And we, our glorious Ukraine, shall, hey - hey, cheer up - and rejoice!
Marching forward, our fellow volunteers, into a bloody fray,
For to free, our brothers – Ukrainians, from hostile chains,
And we, our brother - Ukrainians, we will then liberate,
And we, our glorious Ukraine, shall, hey - hey, cheer up - and rejoice!
 When the stormy winds blow forth from the wide steppes,
They will glorify, throughout Ukraine, the Sich riflemen.
And we'll take the glory of the riflemen preserving it,
And we, our glorious Ukraine, shall, hey - hey, cheer up - and rejoice!

Cyprus - Irene (Peace)

We are proud to present our song PEACE, which was written by us with the help of our teachers and composed by our Music teacher, Mr Nikos Vichas. Like all the partners in Schoolovision, we also feel so sad and terrified by the terrible time people in Ukraine experience. So, we decided to express our feelings and wrote a song about PEACE on Earth where everyone enjoys freedom.

Here is the translation of the lyrics:


Peace come, love come

Peace come, come on Earth

Peace come, love come

Peace come upon all the earth

The world will celebrate with peace and love

And a white dove is waiting in its nest

To spread the wings and let the clouds away

The blue sky will shine bright 

The children look for you and  sing for you

Hand in hand all on earth our peace will come

Peace come, love come

Peace come, come on Earth

Peace come, love come

Peace come upon all the earth


Friday 29 April 2022

Denmark - Friend Song

Our song is about the importance to have a friend. The song has been very popular and well-known in our country. It was written years ago by some of Denmark's well-known musicians. 

The main message is that it is good to be alone sometimes but having a friend is even better. It is what is on the inside that counts.

Thursday 28 April 2022

Germany - We don't lose heart

We are shocked by the atrocious attack and ongoing war against the sovereignity of our dear friends' country. With this song we express our protest and want to send a message of strength, hope and life in various languages.
Stay strong, Ukraine!

We don't lose heart
We want to be a part of hope
We believe in the good
We don't want to stop trusting people

We don't want lies
We are against hate speech
We stand up for the weak
Nobody should starve or freeze

Thursday 14 April 2022

Switzerland - Keis Zweits Läbe

We are very proud to be able to represent Switzerland this year. Like everyone in the Schoolovision community, we were devastated by the terrible things happening to the people of Ukraine. Despite having had decided on a different topic previously, there was no way, we wouldn't write a song that expresses our emotions related to what's going on right now. So not only does the song describe our state of mind, we also reflected on our own habits of playing games in the horrible presence of the war. 

It should be mentioned that the learners built those instruments themselves and learned to play them. Apart from drum and bass, all instruments used in the recording are self-made. 

Translated lyrics: No second life War mongerers play around with the remote pressing buttons, zapping from program to program while snacking popcorn, watching explosions, people on the run, pale faces in the mud With their lies, they paint a better world but all they achieve is destruction and grief torn up families, hunger and fear each attempt to stop them hits a wall We are afraid ... This is our scream all that energy, yet powerless the blood is boiling, the mind is spinning aimlessly around this madness Build the weapons yourself organise a storm squad playing dead but carry on Play robber and police and aim at each other later a laser tag party or during paint ball smudging each other with paint During a computer game, collect weapons and let the blood splatter If it hits you, just start over In the real world it is the same but There is no second life This is our scream ...

We hope, that despite the serious topic, you will enjoy watching our clip.

The IWW Wetzikon wishes all participating schools lots of success with their project.

Saturday 9 April 2022

Latvia - Bēdu manu lielu bēdu

Greetings from Latvia!
This year we are starting with the folk song of our country "Bēdu manu lielu bēdu", which is a good description of our people that we do not worry about difficulties, but let's go over singing.

Friday 8 April 2022

Basque Country - MARITXU NORA ZOAZ


Our 6th grade students from Urdaneta School performed a popular Basque song about a love story between a boy and girl, back in the days, showing us how flirting was more gallant before. 


Tuesday 5 April 2022

Slovenia - Styrofoam

Greetings from Slovenia!
This year the first band was formed at our school.
The students named themselves »Pogrüntey«. They recorded their first song.

Primary School Bistrica ob Sotli in cooperation with Bistrica ob Sotli Youth Centre presents: POGRÜNTEY 'Stiropor / Styrofoam'.

We hope you enjoy it!
Turn on subtitles and sing together!

Vocals: Andraž, Bass Guitar: Zarja, Guitars: Julija & Eva, Drums: Vid, Song written by Zarja & Andrej Černelč, Lyrics, arrangement and mentoring: Andrej Černelč, Sound editing and mix: Andrej Černelč, Damjan Dobrina, Sound mastering: Damjan Dobrina Video idea & execution: Andrej Černelč & Gaja Pekošak (Captain's Log Productions). 

Monday 4 April 2022

We have chosen our entry in Flataskoli, Iceland

This year's Schoolovision entry was chosen last week in our school's Flatovison song contest (Flataskoli+Schoolovision=Flatovision). The song is about the importance of long-lasting friendship. A popular song in Iceland like the Danish entry. The performance is an all-girls group in the 7'th grade who are as we speak creating their video.

Sunday 20 March 2022

last year's winners

While we are waiting for our first SV2022 entries to appear online, we would like to invite everyone to watch last years's winning entry which came from Cappabue NS, Ireland for the second time in a row. What an achievement!

Sunday 16 January 2022

We're looking for new members!

Would you like to join us?

We still have room for more enthusiastic partners from across Europe and beyond.

If your school is NOT in one of the countries already mentioned in the left column of this website, you are most welcome to become a part of our international community.

If you've carefully read the rules, watched a few videos of previous Schoolovision rounds and think you are ready to join the fun, please register at:


Only one school per country!

Wednesday 12 January 2022


 The 2022 Eurovision Song Contest final will take place in Italy on Saturday, 14 May.

Meanwhile, the 2022 edition of Schoolovision will come to its conclusion on Friday, 13 May, the day before the real Eurovision. Join us in this fun-filled project, as we find out who will be the latest Schoolovision Champions in the 14th edition of our grand project.

We welcome all members, new and old, to this unique eTwinning project, which guarantees fun for all participants, students and teachers alike, as we learn about each others' cultures through the medium of music and song with the added excitement of a friendly competition.

Full rules below; please read them carefully!


Following a similar format to the Eurovision Song Contest, Schoolovision 2022 will once again allow one primary school from each eTwinning (Plus) country and beyond wishing to participate, to record and upload a song of their choice, to be viewed by all other participants in the project.

In addition, all countries will be asked to evaluate and vote for their favourite songs after they have listened to all the others - and of course, voting for yourself will not be allowed!

You and your class will have until Friday, 06 May to decide upon your song, practise it, video it, and get it uploaded and embedded onto the project blog website, using either YouTube or Vimeo.
Once all songs are uploaded, you will need to get your class to watch all the other countries' entries and decide who will receive your votes. This should be done in the week from Monday, 08 May until Thursday, 12 May.

On Friday, 13 May 2023 you have two choices: You can either join the team for a video conference, starting at 10.00 am CEST time, during which we will announce our votes to each other and total the votes up, so we can establish the winner. Or, if this is not possible, you will be able to watch a recording of the video conference afterwards to see who the winners are, or simply visit the project website, as the results will be posted straight after the video conference finishes.
In any case, you will need to email your votes to Steffen, the project administrator, by Thursday evening (12 May) and NO LATER than 1800 hrs CEST. Thus we will be able to successfully total all the votes from all participating countries and announce who are Schoolovision champions for 2022. The winning school will be sent a specially commissioned trophy!


1. There can only be one entry from each country with an independent status. Usually, this will mean one participating school per country. As a special exception, joint entries of two schools from one country are acceptable.

2. Schoolovision is for primary schools only. In addition, the participants (active singers) must be a maximum of 12 years old during the present school year. Their turning 13 in between is acceptable.

3. All previous entrants will already have received a request, asking you to confirm that you wish to enter the 2022 contest. After your confimation you will receive an invitation (via eTwinning) to become an official partner in the project, followed later by a separate invitation to contribute to the project blog. You need to sign up for the blog, whereby you will be able to upload your finished song in due course.

In addition, please send Steffen a photograph of your school and the link to its website, so that everyone can see which countries and schools are participating this time.

4. The song you choose to sing should be one of your choice, hopefully chosen in collaboration with your pupils, and can be sung in any language. It can be a well-known song, or an original song that perhaps no-one else will have heard of- it's up to you!

5. Musical accompaniment is permitted but only in the following way: Members of your class (your pupils) who wish to play musical instruments can do so, and your song can have adult help who could for example, play a piano or a keyboard to lead the tune of the song. Alternatively, you can use a CD for the tune (but without the original singers' voices) - your children MUST do the singing!

6. All entries MUST be completed and uploaded by Friday, 06 May midnight at the latest. When your song is ready, it is your task to post the video of your song to the project website via using the embed code provided by either YouTube or Vimeo. All files must be uploaded by Friday, 06 May, as each country will then need to watch all the entries and judge them during the following week, Monday, 09 May till Thursday, 12 May.

7. Once you and your pupils have watched each entry and chosen your favourites, please email your choices to Steffen before 1800 hrs CET on THURSDAY, 12 MAY.

7.a As of 2018 we adopted the latest ESC rule according to which 50 % of the votes are given by an expert jury, in this case us teachers. As we are not technically able to copy the exact voting process of the ESC, we will install it in such a way that all partners will mix their national pupil votes with their own teacher votes before sending them in. This new process renders the teacher votings we performed in previous years unnecessary.

8. It is always a great experience to receive positive and encouranging comments. By participating in this project, you also agree to encourage your pupils to write such comments under the videos of their partners. Equally, you will reserve some time to write a number of comments yourselves. You are welcome to encourage colleagues and parents to follow your example, thus making the great work of your pupils and yourselves more known and positively regarded, just as the whole Schoolovision project.

9. In the earlier years of this project all countries' entries were listed according to their results. However, since some partners were unhappy with the unequal chances (perhaps due to different availability of technical and muscial support in the various countries), a new rule was installed in 2016. All partners can choose if they wish to be listed with the full result or if they just wish to be named including a link to their entry. The top 20 scores will be published automatically; all others may opt in to be listed with their actual results.

GOOD LUCK to all countries, and enjoy making your own and watching all the other entries, too!
May the best overall entry win the contest!

*** As said above, the whole point of Schoolovision is that you try to sing something that relates to your country. If you compose your own song - fantastic! Over the past years, we have had some really outstanding compositions by various Schoolovision teams.
If you choose to sing a song that has already been recorded previously, then it MUST be culturally relevant to your own country. If you're unsure whether your song idea complies with this rule, please contact Steffen and Marek.