Friday, 29 April 2022

Denmark - Friend Song

Our song is about the importance to have a friend. The song has been very popular and well-known in our country. It was written years ago by some of Denmark's well-known musicians. 

The main message is that it is good to be alone sometimes but having a friend is even better. It is what is on the inside that counts.

Thursday, 28 April 2022

Germany - We don't lose heart

We are shocked by the atrocious attack and ongoing war against the sovereignity of our dear friends' country. With this song we express our protest and want to send a message of strength, hope and life in various languages.
Stay strong, Ukraine!

We don't lose heart
We want to be a part of hope
We believe in the good
We don't want to stop trusting people

We don't want lies
We are against hate speech
We stand up for the weak
Nobody should starve or freeze

Thursday, 14 April 2022

Switzerland - Keis Zweits Läbe

We are very proud to be able to represent Switzerland this year. Like everyone in the Schoolovision community, we were devastated by the terrible things happening to the people of Ukraine. Despite having had decided on a different topic previously, there was no way, we wouldn't write a song that expresses our emotions related to what's going on right now. So not only does the song describe our state of mind, we also reflected on our own habits of playing games in the horrible presence of the war. 

It should be mentioned that the learners built those instruments themselves and learned to play them. Apart from drum and bass, all instruments used in the recording are self-made. 

Translated lyrics: No second life War mongerers play around with the remote pressing buttons, zapping from program to program while snacking popcorn, watching explosions, people on the run, pale faces in the mud With their lies, they paint a better world but all they achieve is destruction and grief torn up families, hunger and fear each attempt to stop them hits a wall We are afraid ... This is our scream all that energy, yet powerless the blood is boiling, the mind is spinning aimlessly around this madness Build the weapons yourself organise a storm squad playing dead but carry on Play robber and police and aim at each other later a laser tag party or during paint ball smudging each other with paint During a computer game, collect weapons and let the blood splatter If it hits you, just start over In the real world it is the same but There is no second life This is our scream ...

We hope, that despite the serious topic, you will enjoy watching our clip.

The IWW Wetzikon wishes all participating schools lots of success with their project.

Saturday, 9 April 2022

Latvia - Bēdu manu lielu bēdu

Greetings from Latvia!
This year we are starting with the folk song of our country "Bēdu manu lielu bēdu", which is a good description of our people that we do not worry about difficulties, but let's go over singing.

Friday, 8 April 2022

Basque Country - MARITXU NORA ZOAZ


Our 6th grade students from Urdaneta School performed a popular Basque song about a love story between a boy and girl, back in the days, showing us how flirting was more gallant before. 


Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Slovenia - Styrofoam

Greetings from Slovenia!
This year the first band was formed at our school.
The students named themselves »Pogrüntey«. They recorded their first song.

Primary School Bistrica ob Sotli in cooperation with Bistrica ob Sotli Youth Centre presents: POGRÜNTEY 'Stiropor / Styrofoam'.

We hope you enjoy it!
Turn on subtitles and sing together!

Vocals: Andraž, Bass Guitar: Zarja, Guitars: Julija & Eva, Drums: Vid, Song written by Zarja & Andrej Černelč, Lyrics, arrangement and mentoring: Andrej Černelč, Sound editing and mix: Andrej Černelč, Damjan Dobrina, Sound mastering: Damjan Dobrina Video idea & execution: Andrej Černelč & Gaja Pekošak (Captain's Log Productions). 

Monday, 4 April 2022

We have chosen our entry in Flataskoli, Iceland

This year's Schoolovision entry was chosen last week in our school's Flatovison song contest (Flataskoli+Schoolovision=Flatovision). The song is about the importance of long-lasting friendship. A popular song in Iceland like the Danish entry. The performance is an all-girls group in the 7'th grade who are as we speak creating their video.